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Diversity and Multiculturalism: The New Racism

Racism, not any meaningful sense of diversity, guides today’s intellectuals. The educationally significant diversity that exists in “the real world” is intellectual diversity, i.e., the diversity of ideas. But such diversity—far from being sought after—is virtually forbidden on campus. The existence of “political correctness” blasts the academics’ pretense at valuing real diversity. What they want is abject conformity.

The only way to eradicate racism on campus is to scrap racist programs and the philosophic ideas that feed racism. Racism will become an ugly memory only when universities teach a valid concept of human nature: one based on the tenets that the individual’s mind is competent, that the human intellect is efficacious, that we possess free will, that individuals are to be judged as individuals—and that deriving one’s identity from one’s race is a corruption—a corruption appropriate to Nazi Germany, not to a nation based on freedom and independence.

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“Subtext of racism” in universities

A new report has found “a definite underlying subtext of racism” in British universities, according to its author, Dr Kalwant Bhopal, reader in education at the University of Southampton.

The paper, due to be published June, found that an overwhelming number of academics considered race to be the biggest barrier to career progression.

She said, “Speaking 20 years since the murder of Stephen Lawrence I am surprised at how little progress has been made. There are signs of improvement, but we are progressing in small steps.”

She continued: “The statistics show that most ethnic minority academics are concentrated in post-1992 universities. But the problem of racism is widespread; it is not only confined to Russell Group or elite universities”.

Of the 65 individuals surveyed, only two had reported that they considered gender a greater barrier than race to career progression, both of whom were from a mixed race background. It is thought that only one university in Britain – Liverpool Hope – has a Chancellor from an ethnic minority group.

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Leeds University accused of racism

A recent student has publicly accused the University of racially discriminating against her while she was studying.

Sanaz Raji was forced to leave the University after her scholarship was withdrawn.

Raji, who was studying for a PhD at the Institute of Communications (ICS), has launched a petition demanding that the University stops treating international students “like 2nd class citizens.”

Ms Raji claims she was racially discriminated against at a supervision meeting, and that she has been “bullied” by her Postgraduate Research Tutor.

The former student also accuses Leeds of withdrawing her research scholarship without following the correct processes.

Raji appealed the decision but describes the system that rejected her appeal as a “kangaroo court”.

In the petition, Sanaz states: “the message the […] University sends to international students is that their education, their wellbeing, even their health is of lesser importance than that of home students.”

via University accused of racism | Leeds Student Newspaper.

Oxford University Apologies To Student Damien Shannon In ‘Poor Discrimination’ Case

Oxford University has apologised to the student who is accusing the institution of “discriminates against the poor” after claiming other universities employed “wealth tests”.

Jane Elizabeth Sherwood, director of graduate admissions at the prestigious university, apologised for offering inaccurate evidence which appeared to demonstrate other institutions used wealth tests to select post-graduate students. Sherwood had originally told a court hearing other universities had the same practices as Oxford, the Guardian reported.

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Oxford University accused of bias against ethnic minority applicants

Oxford University has been accused of “institutional bias” against black and minority ethnic students after figures revealed that white applicants to some of the most competitive courses are up to twice as likely to get a place as others, even when they get the same A-level grades.

Figures for applications to the university in 2010 and 2011, obtained by the Guardian under the Freedom of Information Act, revealed that 25.7% of white applicants received an offer to attend the university, compared with 17.2% of students from ethnic minorities.

White applicants to medicine, one of the most prestigious courses, were twice as likely to get a place as minority ethnic candidates, even when they had the same triple A* grade A-level scores.

Older figures for Cambridge university suggested a similar pattern.

David Lammy, the Labour MP for Tottenham, who has been a vocal critic of the university application system, said the figures suggested “institutional bias” and proved institutional failure.

via Oxford University accused of bias against ethnic minority applicants | Education | The Guardian.