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Equality and diversity facts and figures

Equality and diversity facts and figures

Some facts and figures about discrimination

Discrimination at work can be expensive

56% rise in claims at employment tribunals to 236,100 in 2009-10 when compared with 2008-09

For instance: Sex discrimination claims

highest award: £422,366

average award: £19,499

18,200 claims in 2009-10, down from 18, 600 in 2008-09

For instance: Age discrimination claims

highest: £48,710

average award: £10,931

5,200 claims in 2009-10, up from 3,800 on 2008-09

Discrimination still exists at work – but most people don’t want it to

The gap between full and part-time men’s and women’s hourly rates of pay is 22.0% (1)

73% of women still believe that the glass ceiling exists and that there are barriers facing women looking to be appointed to senior management (2)

62% of women support positive action to increase the number of women at senior positions, compared to 42% of men (2)

50% of women managers have high or quite high levels of self-confidence compared to 70% of male managers (2)

17% of women believe that raising or caring for children has presented barriers to career development compared to 7% of men (2)

41% of women managers surveyed were childless compared with 28% of men (2)

In Britain 40% of female jobs are in the public sector as opposed to 15% of male jobs (3)

1 in 10 people in work face potential mental health problems (3)

People with a disability or long-term illness are over twice as likely to face bullying or harassment in the workplace as non-disabled people (3)

Nearly 1 in 5 people of working age, around 7 million people, or 18.6% in Great Britain have a disability, whether hidden or not (4)

1 in 4 women and 1 in 5 men in their 50s are carers (3)

80% of people believe it is wrong to ma

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