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Why Africa matters

One area where the UK has a particular expertise and long association with Africa is in the area of education and skills. I would like to say a little more about education, in particular, as it is important to emphasise that the UK is keen to welcome international students to study at our universities – and the UK university degree is a sound investment for discerning students. I want to disabuse anyone of the idea that Britain does not welcome Nigerian students. We do.

The UK is the second most popular nation worldwide for students deciding to study abroad. According to the QS University rankings 2012, the UK is home to 4 of the world’s top 6 best universities – Cambridge, UCL, Oxford and Imperial College London – and more than 30 of the top 200. Once in the UK, over 80 percent of all students rate their teaching and learning experience as good or excellent.

Furthermore, UK-educated graduates achieve higher average salaries than those who study in their home country – not just because of the quality of our degree programmes but through the process of improving their English language skills.

via Why Africa matters (2).


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