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Times Higher Education – ‘Alarming’ drop in students from Indian subcontinent

The number of Indian students studying at UK universities fell by 24 per cent last year, as the government’s tightening of the student visa system took effect.

However, figures from the Higher Education Statistics Agency also show that the number of Chinese students studying in the UK rose by 16.9 per cent in 2011-12.

Overall, the number of non-EU students studying at UK higher education institutions rose by 1.5 per cent in 2011-12, according to Hesa.

But news of the 23.5 per cent fall in Indian students, and the 13.4 per cent fall in students from Pakistan, brought concern about the impact of tighter government policy on student visas. This tightening is a major element of the government’s policy to reduce net migration into the UK to the “tens of thousands” by 2015.

Jo Beall, British Council director of education and society, said the India and Pakistan falls were “very alarming indeed”.

She added: “Not only are these countries with large numbers of ambitious students aspiring to study overseas, but they are also countries with which we have historically been actively engaged in the areas of higher education and research.”

Hesa’s figures also look at the number of students starting courses in 2011-12, giving a more up to date indication of trends. For non-EU postgraduates, new enrolments fell 2 per cent.

via Times Higher Education – ‘Alarming’ drop in students from Indian subcontinent.


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