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Changing Society: The Multicultural University

As a student from an ethnic minority background, I have often found myself interested in the situation of race, ethnicity and youth culture among British students at University.

I feel time after time the need to critically assess the viewpoint of how diversity may fashion a student’s experiences during the University years; where in my current situation, half of my degree discipline holds a high percentage of white British students over other backgrounds, and whether this is even noticeable for those who aren’t from an ethnic minority background.

Earlier this year, London Metropolitan University were spotlighted after the UK Border Agency (UKBA) suspended its highly trusted sponsor status in July, leaving over 3,000 students uncertain whether they can complete courses and potential ones uncertain if they can take up offers.

Questions were brought up about the value that international students place on the role of multiculturalism in British Universities, and an important aspect in internationalising higher education is to encourage home students to see beyond a parochial worldview, to become aware of alternative ways of thinking and to challenge stereotypes.

via Naila Missous: Changing Society: The Multicultural University.


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